Commodity Paper is Overpowering

  • Anybody who gets inventors, or two inventors or just getting a lead in the paper commodity in general will win by a mile making it not fun for other players, just sitting there getting empty rolls. Is it possible to prevent that from happening?

  • This is how the game rules are. If you have a problem with it, do not ask it here but from the board game creators. Or play something else.

  • Of course it's appropriate to ask for strategy advice in the general section of this forum. He's not asking for a game change (I think).

    What you can do about this heavily depends on the way the game is laid out. There's multiple paths to victory. How attainable these are depends on a lot of factors. So i think you would get better advice if you posted a screenshot of the game along with some comments on how everyone was playing.

    Also: you may want to ask around on BoardGameGeek. That's generally the best source of information for anything boardgame related.

  • Oh, sorry. My bad. This forum has been only about developing the online game so far so I though that he wanted to change the game rules.

  • Inventor is a powerful card especially if you manage to snatch both early enough and mess up numbers of your opponents / gain better ones yourself.

    At the same time as Wilbert already mentioned this really depends.

    Dice - in terms of which numbers roll in general.
    Dice - in terms of which color the 3rd dice rolls.
    Luck - which progress cards you get and when.

    I have had games where people go for paper, 2 players get up to level 3/4 both and still lose because dice is not assisting them. So all they gain is +2 point for level 4.

    Also when I see after initial placement that I am in disadvantageous position actually cloth might help me more - resource/trade monopoly, merchant, master merchant.

    Finally I would say that assuming all colors roll evenly my favorite is coin commodity - you can nicely snatch knights and make people deconstruct or use spy to actually get cards you have no access to (undeveloped commodity). This though if works out well for me usually makes people quit as these cards are nasty indeed.

    It is just a matter of picking the strategy and rest as in this case it always is is up to the dice.

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