Request processed, then "disconnected" but still connected

  • After I finished my turn, the "request already processed" error popped up. I closed it and waited for the next player to play. When they didn't, I opened chat and noticed that one player had written my color "gray" to get my attention and then said " I hate when people do that...." When I asked, what? He realized that I was still in the game. He told me that one his screen it told him that I disconnected (I am not sure if it was the countdown or the player left, do you want to continue). The other player said it showed also on his screen that I left. Then it gave me the popup, " A player left, would you like to continue?" I clicked yes just to see what would happen. It then said "Game ended (or whatever) so I just closed the window.

  • @daysky The same thing happened again today. Request processed. I ended my turn. When I clicked the chat, I could see them saying that I left. (I was in the lead so they were curious). When I tried to reply in chat, I got a popup saying the match had ended. I have a screen shot but I don't know how to attach it here...

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