Could not move knight - bug?

  • Situation:
    *One of the Great Catan games
    *Lost my only city to Barbarians few turns ago
    *Activated my knight in previous turn
    *Moved a ship adjacent to the inactive knight (1 strong) of one of my opponents
    *Upgraded my knight (2 strong)

    In this situation I was not able to move my knight to destroy my opponents knight. The option simply did not pop up when clicking my active knight. Is this a bug?

  • @josq said:


    you can't activate and deactivate the knight in the same turn.
    But the action bar should popup if you right click on the knight,
    but the action which is not possible you can't select.

    Maybe the error occurs in the web client. Be sure to use the windows
    or mac client, when you play playcatan. The Webclient is not really stable.

    Your 2 strong knight was on the same road/ship as the opponents knight?
    bes sure to right click on your own knight to choose the action.
    After this you can decide the new place and fight the opponent knight, if
    it is on the same place.



  • Thanks - but as I said, I activated my knight in the previous turn, so deactivating should have been possible for me.

    I do use the windows client.

    Thanks again for offering your thoughts

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