Great Catan freezes when I try to trade wheat for another resource in Windows 10 Chrome Browser

  • I have been playing Great Catan almost exclusively for maybe a month now. 4-player with the AI.

    A great game. Resource depletion really keeps me on my toes!

    Windows 10, Asus Rog, 16 gigs ram, 2 gigs ram on video card, quad core processor-8 virtual processors

    Play it in my browser with Chrome.

    Maybe every fourth game, it crashes.

    Almost always after I have 10 or so points.

    Usually trying to trade wheat for something else.

    I click on the trade check button and nothing happens.

    I wait a few seconds and do it again.

    The game freezes and the old "Unity" screen shows up.

    When I re-boot, I have to log back in, have lost all my settings and I cannot resume the game.

    When I play on my 2-year-old MacBook Pro, whenever I have a crash, I can usually re-boot and resume the game.

    I believe I emailed some pictures to you with brief explanation, but got no response. This was several weeks ago.

    If you give me a link, I will try to send you the pictures of the most recent crashes.

    Hope you can fix this. A very frustrating experience for me.

  • administrators

    @whuffo I am sorry that you didn´t recieve an answer regarding this issue yet. It would be great if you could send the email including the screenshots again to

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