Feedback list to developers

  • I've played quit a few games at Catan Universe now, and believe I can offer some constructive feedback for a better playing experience. Caveat, though I mention PlayCatan below, I have never played there. My experience with PlayCatan is only via watching videos on YouTube. Anyone should feel free to add to the list. So, here is my CU feedback:

    Major issues
    Trading interface

    1. Wholesale redesign is absolutely necessary,
    2. It must not obstruct view of playing board; playing board should be entirely visible at all times (i.e drastic shrinkage could be helpful),
    3. Must allow counter offer(s),
    4. Another suggestion; add buttons that mimic PlayCatan bells and whistles (V, X, 0, +, lock responses).


    1. If there is a time limit for moves, then the timer must be visible,
    2. Add a button for players to request more time (in 30 second increments, maybe), which would simultaneously notify others more time was requested,
    3. A 3 (to 5) minute free period at the beginning of each game for players to study the board prior to placement.

    Minor issues

    1. Ability to block, report, friend an opponent in-game (i.e. we should not have to wait until the game’s end),
    2. Speed up 7 rolls (everyone knows what I mean here).

    Development cards

    1. Better placement of request button (should not have to move the screen to get to it),
    2. Better visibility of development cards in hand re PlayCatan (i.e. should not be presented as if holding the cards; current visibility of what you have is limited).


    1. Make it an in-house metric (use it to rank common folk in tournaments, for example); do not make it public,
    2. Better even—trash it,
    3. Or, individual option to hide it from others.


    1. Increase font size in typing window,
    2. Needs word wrapping to avoid sentences being cut off.


    1. Should be available in game also,
    2. More variety needed, including number of resources received/lost/used, times robbed, dice rolls, etc.

    Victory points

    1. Should not be visible when acquired (alters other players' strategy).

  • I agree with just about every thing above.

    My major points included above:

    Trading Interface-counter-offers and don't block the island

    Timer-If it is used, it must be shown and 3-5 minutes before placement of initial settlement by 1st player

    ELO-bring it in-house

  • Yes very good comments to improve the game all of it.
    Also because there is random game option it should be visible somewhere in game how much points is needed for victory.
    Cards played should also be visible longer so you can read or a read back options maybe after turn.
    Having to scroll too much is also not very good. Like it was said all should be visible in 1 screen.

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