Auto-match settings?!

  • HEY?! What is the current AUTO MATCH setting regarding ELO (interval taken to match players)?!

    Today I got matched up with a person who has ELO 949 while I had 1080+?! WTF is that is about?!

    Gladly game ended up really tight so no worries there it was sort of fun one even though dude spoiled my game a bit, but in the end I got 3rd place scoring 14 points, 2nd place 949 dude with 15 and winner had 16 point basically because i did 2 vs 1 in the end while being still last.

    I GOT AGAIN -11 ELO.

    I mean COME ON!

    Auto-match should match me with closer ranked players or ELO SYSTEM has to be changed!!!

  • Still thinking matchmaker works well for you? Still think it can somehow magically be fixed? Sorry but you are wrong.

    +- 50 ELO means almost nothing in Chess. Even more in Catan because in Catan a lot of games will end based on luck - all players at 8-9 points and suddenly one of the players wins. ELO is not a very serious metric for Catan - you have one bad day and your ELO goes down by 100 easily. Whining about that will not help.

    What I think is wrong for you: You are blocking a lot of players. This means that there are less players to choose from to place in a game with you. It is easier to match players with high ELO with each other rather than include you. I showed you the math about how few people are waiting for games at any time. There just is no realistic way to find people at the same ELO level at all times. Matchmaker has a time limit for creating games - if it takes too long it just picks random players and creates a game. You have caused it yourself by banning most high ELO players in your game queues.

    You really seem to care a lot about ELO even if you don't admit it. Just chill and do not look at that number - it means absolutely nothing. ELO is horrible for Catan and it definitely will not show a real skill level of players. Also since you do talk a lot during games it will put a target on you and people tend to place the robber on whiners. This also affects your ELO although it wouldn't in games like Chess.

    ELO does not have to change, you have to change. ELO has to be removed completely because (apparently) people are too irrational about things like this.

    As you could see then 100 ELO difference did not really matter - the other players were similarly skilled to you. Or the players actually made sure that you will not win by blocking you. Then it shows that the leader bashing mechanic of Catan completely destroys the point of using ELO. ELO makes the assumption that everything that happens to the player is up to him. If players are allowed to use the robber on any player, it apparently is not the case.

    Really bad situations that a public ELO creates: When the game starts, you can find what ELO the other players have. Then you just block the player who has the most ELO because beating him means you gain the most ELO when that player is in the last place. A number which is not related to the current game dictates how the game is supposed to be played. This is a totally unfair for the players who the matchmaker places in the games who have a lower ELO than them. You saw it happen to you. I even warned about this in a post when the admins made ELO public.

  • Well I have to admit here that I didn't realize before how "bad" situation is.
    Because if I have to choose to wait longer or get a game vs potentially worse opponents I go for the first as a game will take ~30 min anyway so having to wait 5 min extra to get quality 30 min of gameplay is worth for me vs having to wait 1 min but then spend ~30 agonizing ones in the game.

    As for the ELO I really dont care, as I wrote it ended up a nice game after all.
    But again ELO is viewed so different by majority of those quitter / new players who want to be on top of ranking...
    Also as you said it contaminates community and we all lose you care about ELO or you dont...

    I actually had a quick glance at top 10 in C&K ELO leaderboard and really less than a half of people are actually worthy to be there:

    • there are people with amazingly low experience = before mentioned very high ELO gain per game.
    • there are people with 3 star Karma rating = I would even block ELO for those people to 1000 not more.
    • there are people from my blocklist which I know for sure are quitters and have reported them @Administrator you could have at least reset ELO for TOP10 players!!!!

    This is fucked up.

  • You know what would work just as fast and which allows you to choose your opponents before the game starts? A lobby. It basically fixes all your concerns. Once you get to know how to use it you will create higher quality games... unless the developers really mess up the implementation of a basic lobby system as they do with matchmaker and ELO.

    ELO and karma are not related to each other. You can not justify putting a limit on ELO based on how a player behaves in the games. "Your bank account has less money than x. Therefore I say that you are not a good person." Does not make sense? This is what you say. ELO is supposed to indicate a player skill level. And again... The problem is that quitters do not lose ELO. If they did, all ELO would be distributed more fairly.

    RESETTING ELO IS USELESS! First the developers have to fix the "quitters not losing ELO" thing and then reset ELO for EVERYONE. Only then we can start over. Half-assed solution is useless. You still clearly do not understand ELO, stop suggesting things about manipulating the ELO system.

  • Please not that we will set back all current ELO and Karma stats for all players with the next update due to the major changes in the system.

  • @Administrator thanks for the comment but that still does not answer my initial question - what are auto-match settings regarding ELO interval?

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