• Hi there, I noticed that after I played a few games with people who dropped out that my EL O dropped too after I indicated that I didn't want to continue on with the computer. Can you please restore my ELOand I want to change my name. Thank you

  • I assumed that we would not get penalized for dropping out after another player drops out. Is this not the case? I will stick with the game AI replacement anyhow , but it would be a good thing for me to know.

  • Till the next Update your ELO is not influenced if leaving a multiplayer match prematurely. However the next update will include a feature that players will get an ELO deduction if they leave games prematurely. The first player leaving will lose ELO as if he/she finished last, the second one as if he/she has finished third(second) and so on.

  • @Administrator Personally, I believe getting rid of publicly visible ELO will rid yourself of the ELO headaches. But if you stick to your guns and go ahead with this, I would not punish anyone other than the first person to leave a game. No one should be forced to finish games against bots in order to keep their karma, or ELO, status.

  • Exactly what @Poisonguy said. If one person quits and AI takes over, the other quitters should not be punished.

    If you could make other players able to substitute quitters, it would be another story.

    But I would rather see ELO disappear completely as well.

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