There needs to be a limiter on how many times a number can be rolled

  • Say what you will about probability and whatnot, but there needs to be a limit on how many times a number can roll. When one number is rolling significantly more that others, the game ceases to be fun because it turns into a landslide, and how is that competitive? Particularly with the 7, as in tonight when more than 1 out of 4 rolls is an action that reduces the cards you have.

    Today with 7:

    Weeks earlier with 7:

    Months earlier with 6:

  • There needs to be a limit on how often people can complain about randomness. I propose a single topic for everyone who wants to complain about this.

    But seriously: randomness is part of the game. Random distributions will sometimes seem weird or non-random. If you look at poker websites you'll find tons of players complaining about the randomness always favouring their opponents. That's what you get with large numbers of games. There'll always be some players for whom the distribution seems non-random. Maybe it sucks if that's you. But next game it'll (probably) be over. Get over it.

    Any attempt to make the distribution of the rolls less random could lead to unfair advantages. And on top of that it doesn't solve any problem. So just accept that this happens from time to time in a game featuring dice and move on. Or go play chess.

    :EDIT: Or use the function that replaces the dice with the card deck. That will actually solve your problem.

  • Card stack option already exists. You can use that if you want but then you will have other problems. I suggest playing a 4-player game - harder for one person to get ahead since other players can collectively block him easier.

    It is funny that the developers have added all these options to the game - friendly robber, card stack (not sure why it is called dice mode here), choosing number of players or expansions... but no-one will use it because the fastest way to start a game is to not choose any of these options. The problem comes from the fact that the matchmaker sucks for Catan - can not play with your selected options.

  • @Administrator how come player gain / lose ELO if he plays vs IA?!

    So far I thought that you can gain ELO only if ALL players are humans and as soon as at least one is not ELO is discarded...

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