Players leaving games to avoid elo loss

  • I am all for getting rid of public ELO. I guess the money people behind CU think they will get more subscriptions and more players with ELO and ELO quitters than they will without ELO. I think the board game has been very successful without any ELO. Why does CU think that Catan now needs public ELO? It is already compromised as a concept by the behavior of quitters. Give any thought to whether you might lose more players with public ELO rather than gain them? Administrators care to comment on this one?

    Second, I believe coming up with a punishment framework is also going to make a lot of people unhappy. I think there may be a lot of people who cannot complete games for reasons other than they do not want to lose and hurt their ELO. Good luck trying to apply your punishments.

    Catan is a game where people like me get really excited about getting cards with sheep on them. I am not playing Catan for the possibility of being the best Catan player.

    Keep it simple and don't publish the ELO.

    Lastly, as a compromise, maybe have one month a year where you have an ELO competition option for those who want to participate. That would beat going to Indiana in August for a lot of people.

  • There is no need for ELO because there will be online tournaments. Hopefully... There were tournaments in PlayCatan. That should be all there is in terms of competitive scene. ELO is useless.

  • Unless tournaments in CU also will be linked to ELO...
    But yeah ladder games / tournaments would be nice to have.

  • New player here. I couldn't believe it when I discovered this. Hahaha, this is the epitome of incompetence. I've noticed some other things, too -- like shoving the notice about opponents disconnected smack dab in the middle of the screen. xD embarrassing!

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