Not allowing me to move the first placed knight

  • I placed my first knight on a wheat harbour so that no one else could build a settlement there. After i had resource to build the settlement i tried to move that knight to make my settlement on that harbour, but the game did not give me an option to move that knight. I have seen this in other games too. Is there a rule that i don't know about?

  • Depends on many factors - how did you want to move it, what was the game mode you were playing, if C&K expansion did barbarians attack for the first time, was the game set to friendly robber etc.

  • Thank you for your reply. please see my answers below

    1. I wanted to move it through a road.
    2. Cities and knights
    3. Yes the barbarians had attacked once.
      Again in another game I was not able to move the knights along my roads. Doesn't the knights move through a city or between ships and roads?

  • @builder Moving Knights :horse_racing:
    The knight needs to be activated the turn before you want to move him. And it needs to be still active when you want to move him. If the barbarians just attacked, he cannot be bothered to move, because he needs to be activated again,:beer: and you need to wait another turn again. Touchy fellows, these knights, always asking for food and rest before any action... :weary:

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