AI builds knights when it should build a settlement

  • I've noticed a lot of common errors the AI repeats over and over again.

    But maybe the most important one is that (in Cities and Knights) the AI very often builds a knight where it should be trying to build a settlement, basically blocking its own development.

    It does this all the time, and it makes it very difficult that the AI have a real chance to win the game (at least against me... I win over 95% of the time, with all 3 players at "master" level, and most of the time very easily).

    I know that when two players are fighting for a spot this can be a legitimate strategy. But the AI doesn't seem to care if the spot is being actively fought over. It just builds knights like crazy.

  • administrators

    @The-White-Knight Thanks for the feedback. We also noticed that the AI is a little ... overprotective with its settlement spots. In the upcoming update we will include further improvements of the AI that should make her a harder opponent.

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