Game Freezers with PC Client Version

  • Hello!
    I have been playing custom games with a friend, and the game constantly freezes and the game will not continue until one of the players quits.

    Sometimes we may play for 15min before it freezes, other times after 1 turn the game will freeze.

    Has anyone else encountered such a problem or have any possible solutions for this?

    Many thanks

  • I also am having difficulties with the PC client version.
    While Catan runs adequately on my MacBook Pro,, the fan is very noisy. The Apple genius' I have talked to concede that MacBooks are not very good gaming machines.

    I have tried to install the pc client version on an Asus Rog, but have been unable to successfully do so.

    It would be nice if the instructions were in English and not German. I saw your post while looking around the forum for help on the subject of pc installation bugs and pc browser crashes.

    I have been able to play single player in my chrome browser, but it usually freezes mid-game when I am attempting a trade. Unfortunately, when I reboot, I have to log in again and start a new game. I can't resume the game which previously froze. My settings are also gone.

    The good news is that my pc fan doesn't make any noise at all while I am playing Catan on it. Too bad I can only get half a game in.

    Any suggestions here? I am envious of you that you are able to get the pc client version running at all.

  • @Thelonleysheep
    The Game froze one me only a million times.... :weary:
    Well, not a million exactly, but very, very, very often. I have been complaining about this problem for a year now. Many others have, too. But nothing changes, :snail: I am sorry to say. In my experience, this is a much more common :beetle: problem than quitters or stallers.

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