Forfeit option

  • Hey there.

    Yesterday I had a situation where I misread the clock, started the game and couldn't finish it.

    Thus I was forced to quit at the same time I was in the last place and player in 1st was dominating anyway (it was like 10/5/5 points and 1st place player gained like 12 or 13 out of 17 needed in next few turns we still managed to play after I realized the issue).

    Given I would gladly accept the defeat it would be great if there would be an option to call in a forfeit.

    I see this as a vote option where a player who calls it automatically is placed last, other results IF all players vote yes are recorded as in that point in time. If at least one of the players disagrees vote is failed.

    This might also be beneficial in terms of quitter situation given many people have reported in forums that they give up after losing a city or when someone is just very lucky with the roll and gains significant advantage in first part of the game => people see no point in finishing the game.

  • administrators

    @mrolimpia112 Thanks for your feedback! We will watch closely how the player base will react to the new system we are currently implementing. Since players which are dropping out of the game will get an ELO deduction as if they had lost the game and the remaining players are able to obtain ELO points as if all 4 (or 3) players would have finished, we are quite confident that it should be sufficient for now. None the less - as I mentioned - we will watch the situation closely and take further steps if needed.

  • Cool looking forward to the next release.

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