Connection between hex and resource robbed?

  • @administrators It seems that most times when I get robbed, the resource that is robbed is the same as the type of hex that it is placed on. For example, if someone places the robber on a wood hex that I have a settlement on, more often than not, wood will be taken from me (if I have any). Is this merely a coincidence or is there some algorithm that allows you to have a greater chance of acquiring the resource you want by placing the robber on a certain hex?

    Also, maybe this is just bad luck too, but it seems like exactly the card that I want is mostly the one that is taken. Many times today alone I had 6-7 cards, 2 or 3 of two types, and only one of the third time, yet it was the third (the only one of its kind) that was taken. It does not feel random to me, but maybe that is still just my perception. Any input?

  • Yes, I have noticed this too. If i have 6 wood and 1 sheep, the sheep is taken. Does not seem to be random.

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