Option to play without victory point cards

  • I want to have the option to play without victory point cards.

    Would love to be able to check a box for this option. I won't go into the reasons for it as others have raised my reasons before.

    I will just say that I very much dislike them and almost never buy them.

    I also understand that there are valid reasons for them.

    I do not dislike them for others.

    Seven development cards in a opponent's hand can make the game very exciting.

    So, alternatively, for me, there could be another option during play.

    If I receive a victory card, I could immediately, on my turn, exchange it for another development card.
    This would continue until I get a non-victory development card.

    Everybody is happy. Those who like victory cards can keep them or not. I can always turn mine in or not.

  • I got a ?message? from Catan U saying that they "upvoted" my message.

    Anyone know what that means?

    I was notified under the bell in the menu next to my "W" and, when I clicked on it, this thread popped up.

  • There's a little arrow pointing up on the bottom right of every post. If you click that arrow, you're basically saying "I like this post". It's like the FaceBook 'like' button. A user called "Luxferre" clicked the arrow button on the bottom right of your post. I know that because if you hover your mouse over the '1' that's right next to the arrow, it shows you the names of the people who clicked the button.

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