Overheating issue playing Catan?

  • Why does my computer over heat so badly while playing Catan but never has for anything else? Mac Book Pro late 2013. Running updated software.

  • I do have the same problem. Sems like the Mac adaption was not well programmed at all. I run it on my windows PC as well - much better :)

  • My CPU temp goes from low 40 degrees to high 70s. Load goes to 60%.
    Thought I needed to reseat my heat sink or replace it. Its 32C where I live to start with.

  • I'll add myself to this thread. Definite problem with Mac. MacBook Pro, mid 2012 model, 4gb RAM. Wildly overheats after about 40 minutes of browser play in Chrome. A bit too graphic intense for a board game perhaps? WebGL does seem to put a mighty heavy load on the system.

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