Login problems

  • Can't use my password to login for some reason and the activation code sent to me prompts a "wrong code" message.
    Is anyone else experiencing this ?

  • Only issues I had before with logins were:

    1. I used reset option in forums while it was not operational and now should be gone for good. So you have to change your password in the game. That will also affect the forums.

    2. Never had a code issue, but I had been confused with login - did enter my nickname INSTEAD of e-mail address which actually is your login.

    So combo of using "forgot the password" option in game + using right e-mail + using email as login should work just fine.

    Hope this helps!

  • administrators

    @ohadive You can always reach out to us via catanuniverse@usm.de if you should have issues with your account/login.

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