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  • I have played 2 games and in both games I was mostly unable to trade with the bank. I was only able to trade with the bank one time. I hit the trade button, toggled over to the bank mode, selected 4 of a card that I had to trade for 1 of something else and the arrow button remained greyed out- it never turned green like it did the one time I was able to successfully trade. Is this a bug/glitch? I made sure I had exactly 4:1 and that I was trading 4 of something I had. I keep losing cards to the robber because I can't trade with the bank.

  • Maybe the other players had all of that type of resource already? The amount of resource cards is limited.

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    @Scalpel7 In Catan Universe (and every other digital version of Catan) the ressource card stacks aren´t limited as they are in the boxed version of the board game.

    Regarding the issue you mentioned it would be helpfull to see a screenshot of the situation since this issue never occured in our tests before. You can upload a screenshot to a filehoster of your choice and share the link here in the forums or send it directly to us via

  • The next game I played I was able to trade with the bank. So I don't know what was going on. It seems resolved for me at this point. Thanks.

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    @Scalpel7 Thanks for the update on that issue.

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