Custom match - Ok always greyed? PC

  • Hi

    Can't see what I'm doing wrong. But I can never get the "OK" button to be active when trying to start a custom game on PC (Intstalled version)? Any hints? :P


  • administrators

    @Cvesterby Have your buddies that you have invited accepted the invitation? There must be at leat 3 players ready to play. If you have chosen an AI opponent it will automatically ready. To clear this question up as soon as possible it would be great if you could provide us a screenshot of the situation. Either upload it to a filehoster of your choice and share the link here in the fourms or you can send it directly to us via

  • Hi again

    Thanks so much for the fast reply. I uploaded the image here:

    I am just trying with X number of AI opponents, but the OK button is just greyed all the time.

    I am using the installed PC verion on a laptop running Windows 10.

    Thanks again.


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