Cancelling first step of placing a road or ship

  • Sometimes when I am building along the coast from a settlement or city, I don't quite hit the correct spot for a road or a ship and I get the wrong one. Of course, this only happens when I have the resources in my hand to do both. When I try to cancel it by hitting the spot for the correct one, I have not been able to do so. Also, sometimes when I try to put down a settlement, I hit the wrong spot and get a road or a ship instead of the settlement. I am able to cancel only by rebooting the game to replay my inept placement.
    I think I read awhile ago, that if I hit escape, I should be able to cancel the initial attempt at placing a road. It only happens when there is a choice such as between a road and a ship or between a road, a ship, or a settlement. Is there a way around this without rebooting?

    This only happens when I am playing Great/Greater Catan with a pretty large board on the screen making everything a little smaller.

  • Just did it again in a new fashion. I apparently miss-clicked for a settlement and it gave me the option of a ship not starting at the intersection that I clicked on, but giving it to me one intersection back. My click was nowhere near that intersection. When I say I miss-clicked, I am being polite. I think I clicked in the proper spot and the way the computer is reading it is incorrect. I am only giving the computer the benefit of the doubt here.

  • After I rebooted, I saw that it was two intersections, not one intersection, back to my last settlement where the AI tried to place a ship for me that I did not want. The only way I could get my settlement in was by clicking just above the intersection. Is this an overlay problem?

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    @whuffo Thanks for the feedback. We are looking into it if there are any situations where we can find overlay issues. Additionaly it would be great if you could provide us some screenshots of situations where this happend to you. You can send them directly to us via or use a filehoster of your choice and share the link here in the forums.

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