Some form of undo or cancel is needed in trading.

  • I am becoming comfortable with the Catan game, but still get hit with a few gotchas with some of the trade offers.

    1. Sometimes I get the trade backwards in my head and when the trade takes place, I lose the resource I thought I was trying to get. This happens in real play as well, and in real life, once the mis-communication is realized, the trade doesn't happen.
    2. Players offer a series of trades, and after 3 declines in a row, clicking the X a 4th time is almost automatic. We need an Oh wait! Yeah! I'll trade that!

    The problem is, everything I can come up with will slow the game play down. Those "Are You Sure?" questions really do not solve the problem. What would be nice is a button that could be pressed to replay the last action. That way some of the stupid actions could be eliminated.... I thought I was playing a merchant on my wool tonight, but because I had just rolled a 7, I ended up playing the robber on my own wool hex instead. These are the kind of things that wouldn't happen in real life, but because of the game interactions, we suffer from a lot of dumb / unintended moves.

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