Can't report players that leave early

  • I don't know if this is a bug or intentional. Normally when you click a players avatar there is an option to mute/block/report. When a player leaves a game this option goes away. So I can't report a player that leaves early. The only way to do it is to play out the rest of the game and report using the win screen overlay at the end of the game.

  • I agree with OP and want an option to block and/or report when players leave early.
    Ideally, an auto block option would be best.

  • You can via remembering the nickname (or taking a screenshot before you quit the game as nick is there forever after) and look this person up in the main game screen under "friends" section.

    When you press that button you will be given two options - friends and blocked. Look up person while being in "blocked" section and alongside nickname you will see a sight to block the person as well as to report him/her.

    p.s. also would be nice to read previous topics or search key words in forums before posting - this has been brought up at least twice during last week's time alone :)

  • It would still be much easier for users to report/block while still in game instead of jotting down someones username and going through menu's later on. Thanks I didn't know about that option. But while you have good info you brought it up quite rudely.

  • @mrolimpia112 Tried that; didn't work. Neither player I searched for came up. It was as if they weren't in the system.

    I, too, would appreciate an option to click on a player's avatar during an active game in order mute/block/report them. Too many times I've gone through entire games with players that conduct absolutely no trades. I'd like to be able to block them from further matchmaking when I've reached the point where I've had enough, and not have to wait until the game ends and I forget.

  • There are some players who cant be located but @Administrator still have not clarified how is that possible, because people who cant be found should be unregistered users which should not be matched with us if we use auto-match option.


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