AI targets players for no reason?

  • I had 3 VP, no Dev cards, 3 roads, 0 knights and this guy has 5 VP, 3 dev cards, 4 roads, 2 knights. The AI keeps targeting me. It even put the knight on the desert to rob from me.

  • I think I can answer this. The AIs keep track of what each player receives on the last few rolls. When they get the opportunity to rob someone, they see what they need and then do a bit of math to determine which person has the best chance of giving them what they want. You become a high pick for them if you have less cards in your hand, and have picked up a resource that they want in the last couple of rounds.

    Sociable people will pick the person with the MOST cards and MOST victory points. AIs do not consider victory points unless a player is within a couple of points of winning and they will usually pick the person with the LEAST cards as long as they know that person has a resource that they need.

    For instance, if you only have 4 cards, and have picked up 2 wheat. There is a 50% probability that a robber will get wheat if they draw from you!

  • If that is the case (and I don't think it is) it's not really logical. Been happening to me every single game since the update. Very very hard to win against AI on any expansion

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