• Okay, so I just started playing Multicatan, but I'm not very good. The most points I've gotten is 20. How on earth do people get 30-40 so easily?!?! Can someone pleeeease tell me how to dot it?

  • @cutelikepikachu What is it? Multicatan?

  • Hey Cutelikepikachu, I haven't played Multicatan in ages, but I still remember how to play. I would be happy to show you a trick or two, but I don't know how to play Multicatan on Catan Universe. Could you tell me how to do this and then I can help you out?

  • I'm curious what's meant here. Multicatan was a digital version of the game announced in Catan News in 2005:
    It was a slow version of the game where everyone took turns simultaneously and a single game took weeks.

    The name Multicatan can also refers to a scenario for the board game announced in the same edition of Catan News.

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