Great Catan (3) Tile Move Discrepancy

  • I was playing today and the tiles I was allowed to move didn't seem to follow the rules as in the Almanac.
    It wasn't possible to fulfill all three requirements but the game seemed to be forcing me to break rule 3 before rule 2 (the Almanac states the order is 1 to 3), i.e. I wanted to move a tile not connected to one of my settlements but it was forcing me to move one which was.

    I have screenshots, but I don't know how to attach them.

  • I am having similar issues with resource depletion in Great Catan. Granted, it does make for a more exciting game adding a level of unpredictability, but the dice roles are enough unpredictability for me. As I will probably never have enough time to play Great Catan with humans, I would like to know a little bit more about situations where the first two rules have to be broken and the third rule is not applicable. How does the AI determine what your options are? There are a number of scenarios possible, but can you give me any guidance? If the AI is following any rules, what are they? Once rules 1 and 2 have to be broken, shouldn't we be able to port a number from any tile on the board as long as we do not break rule number 3?

  • Also, to follow up with the original post, is there a way for us to post screenshots?

  • @DaftEddy upload your screenshot to any public photo hosting site and paste link to the image here.

    Example site I use: <- free and fast.

  • Playing Great Catan 4 player I was in the situation where there were two tiles left on the main island for me. I had two settlements on each and I built a road to a resource hex on an island with no number on it. There were no other resource hexes with numbers abutting these hexes. The three settlements on either of these two hexes would be orphaned regardless of which of these two resource hexes I depleted. Yet, the IA gave me the option to deplete only one and not the other.
    I have been mystified by some of the AI actions with regard to other resource depletions and then figured it out later, but this one I really can't figure out.

    Also, if this is something that you aren't going to get to soon, please let me know and I will wait awhile before I send you any more posts on the subject.

    I am emailing the pictures to you in connection with this post.

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