A few suggestions on trading

    1. When you click the button to not accept any more trading request have it automatically reset when you turn comes, this prevents it from accidentally being set for round after round
    2. Allow for a "anything option" on a card trade, i.e. if you needs a stone and are willing to trade anything you should be able to indicate that so you don't have to try all combinations
    3. Allow for a counter offer, i.e.e someone is willing to give a stone for an ore, allow for indicating you are willing to take a wood for the ore

  • It's honestly ridiculous that after a year of users suggesting this it still hasn't been implemented. This is basic functionality that even the mobile app has. Catan is primarily a trading game. Without options to effectively trade there's really no point to the game imo. The idea of Catan Universe supposedly was to recreate the feeling of the boardgame. Well, trading is much more central to the experience than the visuals. I know I won't be actually testing the game much until it has this sort of functionality.

  • PlayCatan did trading so well. It's really stupid that developers did not copy it from there.

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