One Extra Minute for initial settlement placement

  • After my reply to an older post, I have thought further on this topic.
    If each player had only one extra minute to place his/her initial settlement, I think it would make a big difference in the quality of the games.
    People might be far less likely to quit early because of a serious mistake in initial placement.
    Curious to see whether people think the possibility of as much as an additional 4 minutes would be worth the chance for improvement in game play.

  • i really wouldn't want that. i think that there is already more than enough time to put your settlements. gameplay would be too boring.

  • The timer should not automatically end your game in the first place. But I agree that the initial placement is the most important part of the game so players should be allowed to take more time to place their settlements. Why sit through a game where the AI places the settlements where you did NOT want to place them? It's not like EVERY player will take 10 minutes to place their settlements. But there should be a way to allow players to make longer moves sometimes during the game.

    The current timer implementation sucks.

  • agreed. Perhaps 10-15 sec extra should be sufficient

  • As I have stated before on similar topics - double-edged sword here.

    On the one hand move is important on the other hand part of the game / skill is to be able fast enough, accurate enough and be able to think fast.

    So on the first placement - yes difference in total game time would not be a big deal. At the same time it would prolong the game plus even given all the time in the world you can never guess what other players will do (especially if you place first on the 4 player game) and you will not be able to see / predict all the possible scenarios and even if so picking one would be mission impossible.

    To sum up - couldn't care less. Have done those bad decisions myself, have missed the time and AI has placed for me and I hope by now I have developed a good skill of actually placing fast and good which honestly gives me advantage in the game vs people who cant do either or both.

  • This is total bullshit. AI should NEVER make a move for a player. Stop taking that feature as if it is just the nature of things. It is not a part of the game. It is disrupting the normal flow of the game. In real life I have seen people take 5 minutes for initial placement. And it should be OK to allow that. Automatic timer/AI is HORRIBLE.
    Saying that people should think faster and be skilled enough so that AI would not make a move for them is just stupid. Most people are going to make their moves as fast as possible anyway. The only problems are in 5% of the games when people get mad that they are about to lose so they manipulate the system to mess with other players. This will happen no matter what system you have. Overall it would be much better if the game is friendly towards players rather than forcing them to play their game according to the timeline.

    The initial placement time is nothing compared to the rest of the game. Having it take longer just offers a better quality game. What is the fun when you get the good spots and the AI decides for all other players? Can you say that you are a better player than the other players after AI takes over some of their moves? NO. Who the hell thought automatic AI moves are a good idea? Fire that guy!

  • Introduce Text button in Chat : "Excuse me, I need more time to think!"
    On PlayCatan, there are some useful pre-set messages for the chat. One of the best is "Excuse me, I need more time to think!" This request has never been refused to me.
    What matters to the other players is, to know what´s going on.:grey_question: That I have not lost connection, nor quit, nor am stalling the game.
    Of course, the chat window would have to be improved for that, right now it is just not practical.
    If they know I´ll soon make my move, almost all of the players are ok with waiting a minute. :watch:
    Another suggestion would be to give the players an option in the game settings. You could choose between 120, 180 and 240 sec per move when looking for a game. There is a difference if somone wants to play a short game during lunch break, or if a newby asks me to coach him/ her in a first time game of a complex scenario.
    Also, different scenarios take more or less time, (eg Basic game compared to Great Canal)
    Persoanlly, I hate :rage: AI taking over my decsions.:boom: I am playing, not at work, and if someone wants to play rather with AI because it is faster than me, s/he should choose AI :alien: in the first place!

  • At least have a visible countdown timer so you know how much time is remaining.

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