resource depletion in Great Catan working erratically

  • I just started playing Great Catan which is my favorite. It is quite buggy and I have only made it through to the end maybe 5 times.I am not sure that I completely understand resource depletion which is a great part of the game.I think I understand the three rules and the order in which they are broken.I tried it out in the last game I played. I got down to the two remaining resource hexes that I had number tokens on which I thought were protected because they had settlements which were not adjacent to other resource hexes and thus could not be orphaned.
    I wanted to know which other tokens would be taken.To my surprise, it took the next number token off what I thought was one of protected hexes.Then it took number tokens off the two hexes that had no settlements adjacent to them. I kept going, building roads to un-tokened hexes on the islands. The first three roads had no effect on my last remaining number-tokened hex, but the 4th road I built did finally snap it up and port it to an empty hex. I kept going to see what would happen now that all my tokens had been removed from the mainland and there were no more tokened hexes left on the mainland which were not adjacent to settlements. Three more roads were built to un-tokened hexes with no effect. I was unable to find out whether the game would start taking tokens off the last of my competitors' remaining numbered hexes. Any idea how the rules work at this point? Yes, I was way ahead of the AI when I started doing this.

  • LOL & WTF. I guess we need translation first here :p

    First of all do keep in mind that 3 player and 4 player game differs here by one thing: how many tokens are assigned from the supply. In 3 player games it is first 4 numbers come from supply in 4 player games first 5.

    After that you start to remove tokens from the mainland according to the rules:

    The number token must belong to a terrain hex adjacent to which the active player owns a settlement or city.
    Each settlement or city on the main island must keep at least one terrain hex with a number token.
    On a small island, the numbers 6 and 8 must not be next to each other.

    Pretty much you will start with "your token" until the point where all of you cities/settlements will have only 1 left.

    Only then you will be able to take any random token FROM the mainland from other players / which are not adjacent to your settlements, cities as long as they don't violate rule nr 3.

    You mentioned roads so many times in your post that I honestly got lost but in this case roads does not matter, when moving tokens only settlements matter and the fact that you have a road but no settlement near the hex does not make it yours.

    General suggestion - read the rules, understand the rules, if you dont read them again :)

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