Please return CARDSTACK

  • This was a preferred mode for so many of us in the playcatan world...and at home. It helps to focus play on skill more than luck. We've been getting very bizzare dice rolls in many almost seems like some algorithm is messed up. There is nothing worse than getting beat by 11s and 12s that come up an in-ordinate number of times. Some people might like to play more to LUCK...but I don't, and would prefer at least the option. Hope this can happen. Don't think I'd pay to play without it.

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    @Klasmata You can choose the card stack by ticking the check mark for dice mode in custom games.

  • But why not is auto games...this is where most of us spend our time...otherwise, you have to plan with friends.

  • Cardstack is not part of the original rules. I would rather have the actual dice than pseudorandomness. The cardstrack could be abused - you see what numbers have been picked out so you build your settlements near other numbers gaining short-term gains.

  • @Stroom I would call paying attention and doing the math...SKILL...not abuse. I prefer a game of a game of DICE.

  • Then don't play Catan? In Catan you play for the statistical probability. You know that 6-7-8 roll higher for all rolls. Cardstack offers pseudorandom which means that you can start predicting the following rolls. If you had 4 rolls of 6 already, you would build your next settlement near 8 before the cardstack is empty just because you know that the dice distribution will even out in the end. This is not a part of statistical probability. The cardstack does not make the game any fairer, just offers balance to the people who can't deal with the fact that each single dice roll is not affected by the rolls which happened before.

  • I'd like to see something like this. There should be an option for an algorithm that keep the rolls along the bell curve of probabilities. That keeps a some randomness without the rolls being too out of skew.

    There might need to be some modification for the first dozen rolls or so, so that low numbers can still be rolled.

  • I think a longer game helps with the rolls, probably a four-player game is a little better than a three-player game with dice rolls. I have been playing Great/Greater Catan recently. Dice rolls are often twice as many and I think that goes a long way towards evening the rolls out. (Of course, dealing with the vagaries of resource depletion can be maddening. Makes it a much longer game when I am trying to deal with the possibility of losing a valuable token to an opposing player)

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