Time out for no reason, opponent DC

  • Hi there,

    I'll be methodical, so that someone can help me quickly get going again, because I really like the game! :D Welp! :/

    -New to the game (during 2nd game encountered problem)
    -Opponent disconnects during game
    -I agree to play on
    -Player gets replaced by bot
    -Bot gets turn to play, it takes ages and ages for him to decide
    -I end up leaving the game, and trying to reconnect
    -I try to reconnect, it does not work, it says "time out"
    -Since then I can't find a new game, nor play a singeplayer game, because of the "timeout" message.

    PLEASE HELP! :D I'm sad.

  • I guess I was just unlucky, because at this time of period it seems a lot of people have the "timeout" message problem. Probably a server issue, I believe.

  • server issue.

  • I´m having the same problem. Does anyone know how to fix it?

  • i cannot play anything! For two hours whenever i try to play it says error! time out! I tried playing without logging in but is says the same again! Why??? :(

  • its a pain why do they not put a message out to say what is happening

  • same here . getting this timeout message every time i tried playing since last 4 - 5 hours.

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