Players leaving to avoid ELO loss

  • What is being done? Anything? If a player leaves a game they should lose points no matter the circumstances. If a player leaves on the final turn to avoid losing ELO points they should lose double and have their account suspended. Your Karma stars are worthless.

    Why do we not receive a report when we report a player for leaving early? Where can we find information about this? Karma is not an accurate depiction of what is happening.

    Are you really doing something about this or are we just wasting our time?

    Why can we not have a list of players that habitually and intentionally exit games to avoid losses? The best list is the top of the ELO board. And nothing is done besides telling the players to block the offending players. It should not be up to us to do something but if it is going to be left to the players then give us the opportunity to do something. preventing us from listing players who habitually cheat the game is stupid. It's not like their screen name is their real name.

    This comes back to letting us see who is waiting in the queus to play. If we see a player with three stars we can avoid them. Now, we have to play these jokers and find out the hard way, wasting our rime trying to win a game.

  • administrators

    @OrangeSheep We are taking this issue serious and will shortly announce our counter measurements. It will be along the line that you loose ELO Points when droping out of a game as if you have finished last place. Also we will prevent useres from sitting idle in games by reducing the turntimer each time it runs out. More details on this will be announced shortly.

  • @Administrator Oh god. Please do not continue with the automatic turn timer. It is a horrible solution. I have not seen any other game force a player to end his turn automatically. Why can't you learn from other existing games when developing your game?

  • I couldn't agree more!

  • I appreciate the turn timer - but I don't think you should decrease it. I fully support the loss of ELO if a player leaves a game - and I'd like to say that I think the winner of the game should still gain ELO. For example, on, that is how these situations are treated. From the sentiments of other players, I believe that these opinions are the majority.

  • Maybe a vote amongst the other players. If a majority vote to take points off whoever left, their points should be docked.

  • @Administrator It also would be great (if that is easy(-ish) to implement) to apply automatic / AI assisted moves on players who stall the game in all cases (discard due to robber, choosing cards to give away if wedding or saboteur is played), deconstruction, robber move, building metropolis etc.

    Otherwise stallers fail for a while (timer runs out and game goes on) but in cases stated above other players must quit as game is paused and no timer running.

    Alternative of course would be the kick vote + sub.

  • @Administrator What about doing a karma" bestlist"....not only Elo list like now. For example it could be helpfull to see in the Elobestlist also the karma, allowing players to find out other players with similar elo and karma.

  • @mrolimpia112 said:

    @Administrator It also would be great (if that is easy(-ish) to implement) to apply automatic / AI assisted moves on players who stall the game in all cases (discard due to robber, choosing cards to give away if wedding or saboteur is played), deconstruction, robber move, building metropolis etc.

    Please no. This is horrible. AI should NEVER make a move for a player. You should deal with bad players by banning them or findign other punishments which do NOT affect gameplay. If a player can't make a move in the given time one or two times per game he should not be punished. ESPECIALLY when placing settlements on the board. During the game there can be more issues when you just can not make all your moves during the given time. Trading, building, moving the robber etc.

  • My Karma is bad and not because I "quit games" but that I hate playing with nameless newbie players who will quit in 5 minutes anyway.

  • @Stroom what? you prefer waiting for 5min for someone to finish his turn?

  • @samfather I prefer to trust the other players to do the right thing and make their moves as fast as they can. There can be cases when someone has to go to the bathroom during the game or someone knocking on their door so they have to answer. AI making the move for the player because of things they can't control is bad. Especially if it happens during the initial placement phase. As I said in another topic, there should be better ways to enforce players to play faster. One of them is to allow other players vote what to do after a players turn timer runs out. Either let the turn take longer if necessary or kick the player out of the game.

    Players always taking longer turns is not as big problem as you think. Only a few people start wasting time when they see they can not win the game. That is what the report button is for. Making the automatic timer a part of the game mechanic is just plain wrong. Just compare PlayCatan (Neonate in Youtube) gameplay to Catan Universe and you will see how much better PlayCatan is - trading, building, seeing the board at all times, statistics of the dice rolls... Everything is there to see on one screen.

  • @frodo_lives That´s why, it could be helpful to have more detailled list, so you can invite experienced players, with a similar Karma and elo in your friends list. I also have a very bad karma, not even knowing why, and seldom quit a game.
    For sure it will be good, if the game with leavers could played till the end, with elo point for winner and second place and penalty for the one, who goes. For new player, should be found a new the end the lobby system, ( playcatan), how stroom was reporting, could be the right solution.

  • @Administrator PLEASE implement the ELO loss for quitters...already in three games today, as soon as it was apparent I was in the lead, my opponents quit...without penalty. This is ridiculous :(

  • Do report them and add to your banlist at least it will take care of you not being paired up with them again + maybe if admins finally do something with reports influence quitter Karma / ELO.

  • As we mentioned in other threads : We are working on a catalogoue of automated measurements for this issue. Quitters will be punished by reducing their ELO points as if they had finished the game in last place. Stalling will be prevented by an adapted timer system. (we are currently working out the details on that).

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