AI opponents play too quickly in Single Player

  • Hi all! :-)

    I'm new to Catan and I've just started playing it. I love the game so far even though I'm still playing it in Single Player against Rookies opponents.

    From a beginner's point of view who is still learning the game I've got a little issue: the AI opponents in single player mode play too quickly (rolling of dice, drawing of cards, building stuff, passing of turn, etc) which makes it difficult for me to grasp all actions (and their consequencies) as they are performed; of course, there is a "hystory window" but it gets filled up very quickly as the AI opponents play. Moreover, unless a trade is offered (which actually pauses the game), I have got no possibility to evaluate my and the opponents' position and plan future actions.

    A few suggestions:

    • slow down the "pace" of the game (e.g. AI actions)
    • introduce an option for player's "aknowledgements" (e.g. press ENTER) when the turn of an AI opponent is over or at the end of specific AI actions such as trading or building stuff

    Thank you! :-)

  • Perhaps a "learning mode" would be good that can incorporate this. There is the option for an explanation overlay but I've found it's not useful

  • The first time I played I was somewhat unnerved with the speed with which AI played. But, on the plus side, my understanding of the game progressed more rapidly with the instant feedback I got from the AI. I had to focus on what moves I was making and forget for the time being what the AI was doing. I think that got me a lot further with my game in the same period of time than if the games were longer. I can learn a lot more and have more fun playing two or three basic games in an hour with the AI than the minimum hour each game would take if AI went as slowly as I did. I agree that for some players an option to slow the game down could be very helpful, but if you can survive a few beatings from the AI in your initial games, you will figure the AI out and it will be less of an issue for you. A big part of the AI is figuring out what it will do in each situation. For the most part I think AI is very predictable and also very gentle compared to human players. AI is also much more likely to trade with you than human players. If you want to know what happened during the AI turns, you can always take a second to read the log during your turn or when the AI is asking for a trade.

  • Please don't slow down the game for more experienced players. Play time should be kept as short as possible. A game like this has no business running an hour. An introductory mode with slowed down animations and detailed rules explanations could be cool. But please don't drive away more players by slowing down the game for everyone.

  • i think the AI will still play with you if you slow it down. Sorry, I couldn't resist replying to this!

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