Add Overlay or Colour Filter for Colourblind peeps

  • This is a big issue with board and computer games in general, and is easily fixed with one of the following client settings:

    1. Add the option to add in-game text overlay to identify unique players
    2. Add option to have symbols to hexes easily denoting the resource
    3. Add colour filter (many computer games now do this) which simply adjusts the colour balance to allow colourblind people to differentiate players and hexes easily.

    More people suffer from colourblindness than is generally assumed. I have 2 friends who I play Catan with regularly in person, and we use the white, red, blue and brown pieces as they are most easily differentiated (protanopia). But settings for other colour blindness should be added too.

  • administrators

    @eltangente Thanks for your feedback. Your suggestions will be forwarded to the developers.

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