Cities & Knights Froze on me in the middle of my turn.

  • Can someone help me out on this?? I have logged off and back on, I have played other games but every time I go back into C&K it just brings me back to where i froze. Its like the comp is still thinking on executing my actions. Stinks because I cannot play C&K part of game until this gets resolved. I was playing single player against 2 comps if that helps.

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    @wjgoodw Thanks for the report. Do you recall the last action before the game froze on you. A Screenshot is always appricated in such situations because it makes it easier for us to recreate the situation.

  • Cities and Knights keeps freezing for me in the middle of the game. It usually occurs during my turn. I tried to attempt a trade and then the circle icon (which tells if you want to finish your turn) just keeps turning repeatedly and I can't get out of the trade page. This is the 5th times this has happened to me in the exact scenario. It occurs randomly...typically in the middle or end of the game.

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    @wtc_caro have you send out a trade request before the freeze? It also always helps us to get a screenshot of the situation.

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