• Hey I dont know whats going on but either it is no longer possible to reconnect to the game or this is your answer to alt+f4 quitters?!

    Either way this sucks as you fix problem creating new or there is just a new bug.

    You cant take away reconnection as this game still is full of bugs and some of those actually could have been fixed (I mean ongoing game saved) by reconnecting... so you have to either leave that option or or fix ALL bugs at once.

  • administrators

    @mrolimpia112 We changed nothing with the reconnection to the game. This must have other causes. It could be that the session expired during your recconection as all other useres droped out.

  • @Administrator well you can ask @Athus as he was in that game and was leading, probably didnt quit...

    Also I reconnect as fast as 20 sec tops, tested it out on a game which just begun and players were placing first settlements and same thing happened. I can try again few times but that might piss people off given the issue reoccurs.

  • @Administrator today again we had a bug where players turn was stuck, did force the client close and rerun - 100% sure that people stayed in the game as it was really close and we chatted about reconnecting.

    Game did not offer an option to rejoin the game!!!!!

  • @Administrator I still can't reconnect to the game.

    If I force the client close and rerun the game option to re-connect is not provided.

    Please assist as this spoils my image / game experience.

  • administrators

    @mrolimpia112 Unfortunately we were not able to reproduce the issue you are mentioning in our tests. Are you positive that you enter the main menu within 120 seconds after you disconnected from the game?

  • Yep... as I said before it takes me maybe 20 sec...

  • @Administrator GUYS?! Reconnecting still is not possible. Today again had some blank board start game issue, reconnected right away, again game didnt gave me an option to join back!!!!

    Hope this does not affect my karma!

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