AI took over while I was still in game

  • Was playing a basic multiplayer game when I got the "Request already been processed" error. I clicked ok, and it seemed fine, but after few sec it showed that a player is missing- that player was me, even tho I was still in game. So AI took over for me. Was so close to victory =/
    Here's a screenshot from game-

  • Yep seen this one before, connection glitches, game does not understand that you are there and starts the clock after 120 sec if not reconnected AI takes over as it usually does for people with connection issues.

    Pretty much all you can do here is to blame developers for the bug, your provider for connection quality and players who did not tell you in chat that timer is running.

    Simple reconnect solves the issues if timer factor is communicated in chat in timely manner.

  • Or... you know... do not allow AI to take over the game at all? This is a horrible solution for so many reasons. If a human takes a seat in the game then a human should always play every move for that player. Add player substitutions if necessary. It really makes the game so much better if you remove the forced AI from the game. @Administrator

  • Thats an option.

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