Add 'Have None' as a trade response

  • Sorry if this has been said before, but the ability to quickly say you have none of the cards they are seeking would speed things up when fishing for trades.

    Maybe have +, -, and 0 in the trade view to quickly show that option. This shouldn't be tied to your cards though so people can lie if they want to, to keep it interesting and like the real game.

  • @catanapault Sorry I didn't see a way to edit, but it would also be great that if all players respond with 'have 0' during your turn, you cannot offer trades for that card during that turn.

    This would save a lot of time since you would not have people offering 1:1, 2:1, etc for cards that no one has.

  • Resources on hand is critical information thus people must follow it.

    Option that you have none can be added but that would not be wise to use for various reasons. In my opinion by saying what you have or have not just gives advantage to other players.

    If you dont want to trade just press no trade button.

    As for blocking people from trade if they dont have resources - definitely a bad idea, as it again would disclose info which is sensitive.

  • In PlayCatan you have the options: Accept trade (V), Decline trade (X), "I want more than you are currently offering" (+), "I have 0" (0), "I need that recource for myself" (Lock symbol), "I want something else" (?)

    Really makes trading faster - a lot of options to choose from and easy to understand. These additional features are definitely not making the game worse in any sense.

    You may use the additional options or just use accept/decline. Also when selecting one of the additional answers, you may also bluff. Saying that you have 0 even if your hand is full of that resource. Or you use "I want more" or "I need that resource for myself" hoping that the other guy would use the monopoly card to receive nothing. This adds so much more to the trading. These options really bring the trading aspects closer to real life. The basic accept/decline are not as helpful.

    Using the chat screen is too slow, especially when the automatic turn ending timer is used (seriously, make it similar to PlayCatan!).

    I agree that the game should NOT automatically say "I have 0" when you do not have the resources offered for the trade. The game should not automatically accept or decline the offers at all IMO. The "decline all trades" button was only created to bypass the horrible AI implementation because it almost always had to offer 5 trades before passing the turn. This is not the case with (normal) human players.

  • @Stroom Totally agree with you. Though I'm only familiar with PlayCatan from YouTube videos, I think a similar type of trade functionality would be a great improvement over the current functionality at CU. Since I'm a visual person, the most crucial aspect in making good, informed trades is the ability to see both trade offers and the board simultaneously; toggling screens just doesn't allow you to do that (at least not me). I need to toggle my eyes only. In general, I contend the entire board should always be visible.

  • I know I sound like a broken record, but trading is THE defining aspect of Catan. This needs to happen yesterday.

  • Ditto for me with Wilbert that trading is at the center of Catan. I don't play 3-player games partially because of much less trading in them. The one email I got from Catan U three weeks ago said that CU was going to change the default from 3-player games to 4-player games within two weeks. Still haven't seen it in either of the browser versions. We would see a lot more trading by changing the default.

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