Anyone found they are facing unfair rolling odds?

  • This has happened to me several times, though this is probably the worst.

    So far, the dice have been rolled 20 times and only landed on one of my resources. Since my properties are on 4, 8, 10, 5, these odds are pretty off!

    Even restarting, my odds are still terrible. I am playing against computer players. Since the game takes so long to load and between turns, it is becoming very frustrating.

  • It has been discussed before - search the forums.

    Had the same feeling and sometimes still do but developers have stated that:

    1. roll is random;
    2. roll is not always evenly distributed - as many would expect it to be even with a small sample of just <100 rolls.
    3. in case you want to have even distribution you should choose a custom-match not auto-match an there tick an option dice. That will ensure that in every game 6 7 8 are top rollers, followed by 5 9, 4 10, 3 11 and 2 12.
      in auto-match this options is not ticked thus distribution is totally random and you might have games where 2 and 12 is top roller.

  • happened to me once about a week also at the end of the game. with very good number tokens, could not get a dice roll that helped me, about 20 rolls in a 60 turn game.
    maybe Hal from 2001has taken over the Catan site and is fighting back after getting beaten all the time.
    On another note, since the upgrade in December, the robber has been very friendly, but extremely active in the beginning of games.
    the artificial intelligence players usually attack each other much more than me.
    Put the robber on me, but usually rob another player. Happen to anyone else?

  • There is a separate topic about dice roll being biased with multiple comments on the matter - please search forums for more info.

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