Free games consistently fail by not going to next player

  • In at least 10 games I have played, more than halfway through the game, a player will end their turn but it will not go to the next player. The other two players still see the player as "in turn" but to that player it shows that their turn has ended. Very frustrating and not fixable by either player. Could be fixed by a simple timeout on turns where it would be forced to the next player.

  • I am using windows client and the people getting their turn stuck in limbo have been using a mix of web and windows.

  • This used to be a very common bug but since couple of updates came out at least me personally rarely bump into the issue if at all.

    Maybe this is somehow linked with people's connections...

    Also using win client all good.

    As for the solution - person whos turn it was just has to reconnect (close the game via alt+f4, rerun client, option to reconnect to previous game will be displayed if all done under 120 sec + remaining players have not quit). With browser I am not sure how reconnect works (either browser refresh or something...).

    If that does not help usually next player in line or all players have to reconnect - then it works for sure.

    Chances are though that if it happens once per game it will reoccur. Back in the days had to reconnect 10+ times per game.

  • Thanks for the tip, I did not know that you could reconnect after closing client. Will try next time it happens.

  • I realized my connection to the browser version is lost when I use WLAN and move through the apartment while taking the device with me. Apparently, the router changes transmission frequencies when I move away from it. This caused several games to crash in my case. I stay in one room everytime I play now and I didn´t suffer a single crash since then.

  • If this is the case then playing from a mobile device will be... fun.

  • And lobby will not fix it :P

  • Nothing can fix Catan Universe. The developers have already decided what they are doing going to develop :P

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