Terms of use and code of conduct: Violations and sanctions

  • Dear Catanians,

    The report-function has been in use for a few weeks now and we’d like to give you an update on how we address reports and how players violating the terms of service (ToS) will be sanctioned.

    Quitting and stalling the game on purpose will also be addressed by various measures in both matchmaking and the calculation of ELO and karma values shortly. We’ll explain these changes in a separate topic.

    First of all – although this is common sense – please keep in mind that Catan Universe if a gaming platform for everybody. Please stick to the terms of use and treat other players with respect. If you don’t agree with their playstyle, strategic decisions etc., you can of course speak about this in the game chat - but please keep it constructive and watch your language.

    If a player is reported for verbal abuse or we notice this in any other way, e.g. via user names that violate the terms of use, we will take measures as follows: A minor first time offense might either be waived or a warning will be issued. However if a first time offense is severe enough (e.g. blatant racist comments in the game chat), a ban will be issued straight away and the player will be informed accordingly. The same applies to players violating the ToS repeatedly. The length of the ban will be determined by the severity of the violation and the previous record of the player. When a player has either been banned repeatedly and violates the ToS again despite previous warnings, or if a player’s violation of the ToS is so severe that no other measures are appropriate, a lifetime ban will be issued and the player account will be blocked from accessing Catan Universe permanently.

    A similar approach is also used when dealing with players who are reported for quitting or stalling games. Due to the nature of online games (connection issues, real-life matters that cause players to miss a turn once in while etc.) , first-time violations will not be sanctioned right away, unless it’s evident from the report and corresponding game log that this was clearly intentional. Players abusing the system repeatedly, e.g. using quitting or stalling in a strategic matter or to disrupt the game or to harass other players, will receive a timed ban first and might be banned permanently if reported and warned/banned multiple times.

    Last but not least please keep in mind that the report function is not intended to report players that employ a competitive playstyle or just a playstyle different from your own. For example it’s not mandatory to use the robber on the player in the lead. In fact it might be better to use it to try to steal needed resources if there’s a good chance to get them from other players. If someone does not want to trade, there’s no reason to report him. Please don’t misuse the report-function: Every time our team has to sort out reports like this, they could be dealing with more important reports that need addressing. So please ask yourself before reporting a player: Is this really something that the support-team should deal with? Is this something that I would deem fair if I would be reported for? If yes, please let us know. Otherwise you might just block the respective player and continue.

    We hope this post makes it easier for you to understand our practice regarding the reports you file.

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