Game Queue

  • Really can't recall but it was annoying :)

    Again I would like to point out that pretty much all of those custom options etc are matter of preference and this time developers decided to go with match-maker vs lobby. Probably similar discussion would have taken place only for match-maker when PC was developed :)

    Regarding games and activity - well that's always present in multiplayer games mainly due to playing habits (every day or just weekend player) + timezones. So I am sure it is very hard to get a game for some person which region is not active/well represented.
    Not an issue for me though.

    And trust me about that laziness I have seen one community shift from 100 players who play each like 10 games a day to 100 players but 50 are new and lazy and community becomes totally inactive as all are lazy enough to set up games (which in that particular case involved some effort). So this really matter based on time and people - PC might be an oldschool skilled players vs CU new generation but lazy nubs :) Those two groups will hardly ever find a common ground thus I see no point in comparing PC vs CU.

    Finally regarding promises from @Developers and @Administrator regarding changes and game management - well I take their word they will do what has been promised and have they a solution which is more efficient that one stated by you.
    If not well as said before it will not take long for me to adjust and join the system "hackers" - at least then ELO will work as we will all be high in number/win percentage :)

    I guess I am calling this discussion a done deal and looking for the brighter future ;)

  • I hope that @Administrator will answer to the first post in this topic too. Will there be a queue of active games/customizations/matchmaker queues you can see?

  • Oh, by the way Overwatch is also adding a lobby. Called something else but works the same way.

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