Game Log, Guild Log, and Player Log

  • This is a terrible set up. I want to be able to see the game log all of the time. I also want all of the players to see the conversation all of the time. Many players don't pay attention to the conversations and don't even know it is their turn. Also, because there is no option for inactive players to offer trades to the active player, the player log is the only opportunity. If player is not on the conversation log they cannot see what is being offered. Instead of tabbing from one to the other there should be one sitting on top of the other, separate and able for both to be seen at the same time. SOC is a social game. Conversation is important. Seeing others converse might encourage all players to at least acknowledge their fellow human beings.

  • I think what you really want is a better trading system. One where each player can offer trades at the same time. Chat window should not be used for trade offers if the trading system works.

    See how PlayCatan trading works. Really easy to see which player is offering which trade. The current one is confusing and slow.

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