High-elo players problem! ISSUE!

  • Hello,
    First of all I appreciate the possibility to play Catan Universe for free.
    I played it for a while and some things caught my eye.
    I did notice many high-elo players, when losing a game, lost their internet connection.
    The fact is, when losing a game, you can put your internet off and on again so you don't lose your karma AND elo because you didn't lost the game.
    Many times their is no opportunity to report because the other player quit the game.
    In my opinion this is not fair for the opposite of players, who lost their karma for the fact some players didn't roll the dice, and lose their elo in a fair way to finish the game, losing or winning. I think it has the possibility to fix the problem. I see out for a message back, so i know you confirm and understand the problem. Thank you.

  • This is known issue, reported multiple times and so far admins/developers have not found solution nor implemented any of suggestions (besides banlist which unfortunately at the moment has no consequences).

    Only way is to update your banlist and hope for not getting matched up with quitters.

    Given it is promised that reported players will be banned / lose ELO etc. I guess it would make sense to not only add such players to banlist but also report unsportsmen like behavior. Maybe some day they will pay.

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