Quitters and ELO Points vs Karma

  • Currently, edit by @administrators: No use of player names in the forum when reffering to possible missbehavior in game is ranked #2 in ELO points. The reason is simple. He quits when anyone else is about to win. There is no penalty for this. He loses Karma? So what. He has 3 Karma Stars and I have 5 but he was still paired with me. He quit as I was placing my 5th Knight to win the game. This is the third time this has happened today. Players who quit should be penalized ELO points to be awarded to both other players based on standings in the game. Otherwise there is no reason not to quit. In the mean time might I suggest other penalties, such as being banned for a time, or resetting their ELO to 1000 when their Karma reaches a certain level?

  • You know it's funny that even minor changes take 2-3 months to appear. Meanwhile people have to suffer.


  • @Administrator I have my list of banned people reaching over 60 now and I still get paired up with total nubs (they dont know rules, they play 2 vs 1, they dont play 4 player games and has as high Karma and ELO as I do...) => all but few same as the case mentioned by @OrangeSheep


    Today again got back to the game, finished one game winning it 13 points to 5 to 3 (played vs nubs who magically didnt quit and game ended in just about 20 min), 2 games with quitters, 1 game where two nubs aligned vs me because one already was in the lead and played vs me as I had 2nd and other one I accused of really stupid trade (which did give actually lead to the 3rd player) and of course nub didnt like it.

    Summary = 5 games 0 good ones, people in ELO leaderboard = quitters.

    REALLY GUYS PICK THE FUCKING MANAGEMENT UP! Getting sick of this. Whats the point of bans reports etc.

    Clean this nub community up or players like me (active on forums, banning + reporting, actually knowing rules of the game) will quit. I am really THAT close to uninstalling this game.

  • First, Catan Universe has a bad community partly because all the good old players are still in PlayCatan. Catan Universe is in early access. Still, the quitting problem will not get any better after PlayCatan is closed in the future because the way the CU community is run at the moment promotes quitting. If @Administrator does not do anything quickly (3 months for an update is not quick action - you need to respond within a week!) about the things which take the fun out of playing, the game will die and no-one will play it. There really is no community OR development management in here. They are just giving you hope with small updates every month but the updates are mostly broken when they come out.

    Second... If people make alliance against you because you talk too much, it is your own fault. You seem to call people "nubs" all the time and they sometimes take it as an insult. You seem to think of yourself as a pro gamer but that does not show based on how you contain yourself during the games.

    As you can see, the reporting, banning etc is too much work for the administration. They promised that someone would be in charge of all of this, still no action is taken. We can't be sure that the game will be any better in final form if it does not work at the moment either. All of this is because they didn't take over PlayCatan code base (Java -> C# conversion is not that hard). At least all the code related to game rules... You could have the game running in no time and all you have to do is graphics changes. Nope, you do it from 0 by yourself.

    And as you can see, the matchmaker DOES NOT WORK. Why do you think that you can match good players with other good players if there are only 20 people waiting for a game at a time max? People do not want to find a bad game quickly. They would rather wait longer to get a normal game. OR USE THE LOBBY! Lobby allows players to have any kind of control over what game they play. It makes them happier than getting totally random opponents. Just like @mrolimpia112 said. I don't know why you don't complain about the matchmaker if that is causing your problems... In the lobby you could potentially see how many games the other player has played (either total or of each expansion as well).

  • Honestly I would say that fixing ELO reset based on reports would be an easier fix than lobby.

    As I said before I rarely checked who is playing what in lobby in PlayCatan. Still the focus should be on getting solid games rather than crap but fast.

    Another alternative would be to make stats of players available in match-maker / when game starts so you can "predict" possible quitter (for example combo of very high ELO and low experience etc.).

    But whatever it is this shit has to be fixed because it indeed aint working and situation favors quitters / nubs.

  • Why make an "easy fix" rather than make it right? The root of the problem still remains so you have to deal with it all the time.

    Since there are not enough players online at the same time, matchmaker can not find a "non-crap" game. The speed requirement lowering the bar happens sooner than finding enough good players to match together. No matter how you make the algorithm, at different times it will work differently, causing bad game experience. With lobby, you set the limit of how "bad" a player can be and the bar will not be lowered. And the game will (IMO) start faster too because everyone can see the game up there, more people can see that someone wants to play. At the moment you have little control over who you play with so you will end up getting quitters.

    If you show the stats of players before the game and offer a chance to quit... You will probably quit a lot of games before they start because there are too strong/weak players for your taste. And this completely negates the need for a matchmaker. You have to wait in a line in a shop and when you reach the cashier, you do not like his face so you go to the back of the line... So you would rather wait twice as long. OR you have a lobby and you wait maybe 1.5 times as long but you make sure that all players entering your game are OK on the run. I do not think that the waiting times are such a huge problem. There are more problems with the matchmaker system and AI substituting leavers.

  • @Stroom Admin und Developper...please, it sounds very good, why do not take stroom into your team?

  • New Guild, "We Never Quit". Join this guild to find like minded opponents who will not quit to avoid ELO losses. Players reported to be quitting will be banned from the guild.

  • edit by @administrators: No use of player names in the forum when reffering to possible missbehavior in game is now #1 on the ELO board. I had not banned him from my list because I wanted to confront him. He showed up in a game and quit on the first turn after I rolled a 7 and robbed him. He said, "Fuck you", and left the game. How is he not banned?

  • Maybe people dont report him...

  • Apparently either reports do not reach the administrator, they do not care or they do not have enough manpower to handle the reports (my initial worry when they announced the reporting system). Maybe they do not have anyone managing this because of the early access phase. But they SHOULD do it even now to test if their non-development system of game management can handle the players and their problems.

    With all the reports, blocking players etc... Using matchmaker is just never going to work properly. @Administrator please.

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