Stats not showing wins

  • I have won about 50% of my games, but my stats show 0 wins and 13 games played. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it's a bug. Thanks!

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    @Zinzendorf Are you playing singleplayer or mutliplayer games?

  • Multi-player, basic-game.

  • Hello.

    This is the same for me as well. I have read this complaint many times on this forum. Is there an update available to fix the bug? Its getting a little disheartening seeing my wins disappear all the time!

  • Yes I also put up a post about this. I got points for my first three single player games, then after that, nothing. The game didn't register my wins or give me coins for either solo or multiplayer games. I've won around 15 games multi and solo games since then, and received nothing for either, even though the computer registers that I've played that number of games and I have full karma.

  • Same case with me. I have played a lot of games and won a lot too. It only shows games played and no wins. I also didn't get any coins or anything for the wins. Can someone fix it?

  • I've posted about this numerous times, as well. I've won many games now, both in single and multi player, and have never gotten credit for even one... My stats still say I have yet to win a game. Have had some admin replies to a previous thread, but no change for several months.. Very disheartening, as this is a pretty major bug being ignored.

  • @Administrator So? any answer? Same happens to me: after 75 games, zero wins / zero loses; though I have won several in SP and MP. And still have the "Win your first game" Achievement available. What is wrong? Thanks for replying

  • @AlejanDroid I just looked back on old posts - I've been trying to get a solution for this for 4 months now, and still nothing.. and almost zero response from admin.

  • Oh, good, it's not just me. I miss the old Catan online so much. It was so simple!

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