Can't play develpment card. Help!

  • Hi ppl!

    Yesterday I played mi first game and came across with what I believe to be a bug (maybe I'm wrong): I bought a develpment card and got a Knight, I wanted to play it but found no way to do so. In a quick google search I found that I had to click the card and then click on the "tick" icon on the lower right of the screen (like when you play a road or a town), but this "tick and cross" icons never showed up and couldnt play the Knight card. I tried in different turns and failed as well.
    Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


  • You can not use the development card you bought on the same turn.

  • @bruniss I have the same problem. I bought 2 development cards early in the game and never saw the icon to tap to play them throughout the entire game. Is it a bug?

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    @Cinda On which platform are you playing the game?

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