Displayed score doesn't include victory points

  • See screenshot. Please note that my score is displayed correctly, bug affects only scores of my opponents.

  • administrators

    @osiraben In base game the VP cards aren´t displayed to your opponents until the end of the game. The icon you are reffering to is the counter the developements card(s) this player has on its hand.

    Your total VP (including the VP cards) is displayed only to you. The other players only can only see your VPs excluded the VP cards on your hand.

  • Admin, that Icon below the road that everyone can see, is that Victory Points? Because that only appears when I get a Victory Point and I have noticed that it changes with my opponents too when they get a Victory Point although it doesnt show on the main score next to the avatar, but that defeats the purpose because you know how many they have? Is this correct?

  • @Administrator I'm sorry but that's dogshit. Proof. Player kashmarko has two development cards, one of them is victory point card. And icon I'm referring to shows 1 not 2, the number of victory point cards. The numbers of development cards is shown next to number of usual cards.

    Now I understand why this game is so buggy. Because person reviewing bug requests haven't even played it.

  • Umm... In this specific case, the game displays the owner how much points HE has. There is no reason to not show that info to the same player who has the points. If other people can see that, then it is a problem.

  • @Stroom But it is possible to see how many victory point cards (VPC) other players have. See screenshot. I see that player SuMo has two development cards, one of them is VPC.

  • True. I didn't notice that. It's so funny that the developers didn't even manage to make the base game work correctly and they are already developing the expansions and other irrelevant stuff. Base game is going to be free to play so it doesn't bring in any money... But if the base game is as bad as it is, no-one would be willing to pay for the expansions either. Who the hell is running this development? Get your... act... together!

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