Longest Road Bug

  • I achieved a road length of 5 and received the Longest Road plaque, then subsequently extended the road to a length of 6. Later in the game, I created a new unattached road with a length of 5, shorter than the road I already had, and the game again awarded me the Longest Road plaque, but indicated my longest road was only a length of 5. I then went on to lose the game when a non-human opponent built a road of length 6, and the game awarded that player the plaque for +2 VP = 10 VP and the win. But the opponent had only actually tied my true longest road and should not have been awarded the plaque or the win.

    I have a screenshot I can provide if that would be of any assistance.

  • Bugs like this... It is absolutely ridiculous how bad the game logic development has been.

  • administrators


    Thanks for reporting. A screenshot would indeed be helpful. Could you please post a link to the screenshot here or email it to us?

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