AI robbers, VP cards, longest road

  • I just started using the system and played a fair number of games against the AI over the past few days. Two points of note have come up: (1) in the basic game, victory points development cards are visible to all players. In the basic board game they are not. I assume this is an unintended bug. It significantly affects gameplay strategy. It seems a post from a couple of weeks ago has raised this issue as well.

    (2) I have noticed an odd apparent bug in AI placement of the robber. The AI sometimes plays a knight card or rolls a 7, and moves the robber to an unoccupied and irrelevant hex - i.e. a 12 hex with no settlements or cities attached. There is no one to steal from because there are no developments on the hex. I have not been able to figure out why this is occurring. Apparently the algorithm or procedure used to determine where they will place the robber intermittently produces this stray outcome, for unknown reason.

    I have not played any of the advanced scenarios or extra features. All games I have played are random maps of the basic game. The AI shows a noticeable lack of interest in the longest road award. They will go after it themselves (sometimes) when they have 8 victory points and can therefore win the game if they build longest road. If they have less than 8 victory points however, they ignore it even in obvious circumstances when they should be trying for it. They also make more or less no effort to prevent opponents from obtaining the bonus. Even in obvious situations where they could stop an opponent from getting the bonus, they will do nothing. After some while it becomes a clear issue that can be manipulated. Any human player would intervene in these obvious situations, but you can rely on the AI to ignore what you are doing and make no attempt to prevent it. AI scripts are obviously hard to write and I do not necessarily fault the gap, but their general lack of interest in longest road (unless they are within 2 victory points of winning) is quite noticeable.

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    Thanks for reporting! As you mentioned the VP cards being visible is a known issue and will be fixed asap.
    We're curently testing and update including a improved AI. We'll keep an eye on the longest road issue you described during testing.

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