Freeze on my turn when last vp occurs ahead of turn.

  • Today I was playing,C&K and the barbarians attacked ahead of my turn giving me the Defender of Catan VP and 13 points. When it reached my turn, I needed to roll to win, but decided to play the alchemist card instead since I had it and was about to win anyway. The game froze without bringing up the dice selection. I quit and went back in, and had the alchemist card back... This time I rolled, and my turn started with no win. So I built a city to get another victory point, and finally won the game with 14 points..... Very strange behavior in this scenario.

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    Were you playing the basis Cities and Knights game or a scenario variant? If yes, which one? Thanks for reporting!

  • I was playing the Basic Game of C&K The Scenario is the First Island. Single player mode with 3 Master AI opponents.

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